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Gennaro Manzone been born in Naples 23/09/1963.

Student of the Teacher Hideo Suzuki

























This site is a diary in which story with photo and sketches the internal pleasure to create trees in miniature. I began to interest me of bonsai in 1990. Since then I have acquired experience of creative job, learning the necessary techniques to educate and to cultivate bonsai. In this space of mine I would like to tell my approach with the bonsai, and with the techniques as I/you/they have been transmitted me by the teacher Hideo Suzuki , but also according to my personnel point of view of great observer of the nature. The good way to discover the bonsais is to continually observe them, to study the lines of the branches and the roots, to examine nearby them from and from far, to gather the suggestions of naturalness that they proposes. The bonsais are living works of art; never complete, they keep on remaining alive nature, that grows and it changes, and it transforms the heart and the mind of whom creates them and of       whom observes  


1° classificato – Trofeo So-Saku Bonsai Award 2003 Gennaro Manzone


1° classified - Trophy SO-SAKU Bonsai Award 2003

Gold medal to the International Conference Mr. Takagi Gran Prix 2004



1° EUROFLORA Prize 2006: The more bells' exemplary gotten in west



PRIZE UBI 2004 Category From the Bonsais
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